As is shown in a great deal of research, producers are increasingly aware of the necessity to use different sales channels to meet the varied needs of their clients. In order to do this, an increasing number of enterprises are using omnichannel as a method of integrated and coherent multichannel sales. One of the biggest challenges in realizing an effective omnichannel strategy is the possibility to calculate the effectiveness of multichannel promotions by determining the return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of reaching a target group in pre-defined sales channels. What is needed to carry this out is a coherent IT management system for multichannel sales, without which even the best omnichannel strategy is doomed to fail.

Think Omni, Act OmniChannel

Help your customer to sell anywhere, anytime with Comarch SFA OmniChannel. Comarch SFA OmniChannel is one coherent system that allows the handling of all sales channels. Thanks to the final integration of the various sales channels (traditional and modern channel, HoReCa channel, eCommerce, Call Center) Comarch SFA OmniChannel provides a holistic approach to the sales process.

Mobile Sales Force:

mobile application for sales reps and sales managers


application designed for generating orders and CRM

Online Sales Support:

online platform for communication, reporting and analyzing sales data


online shops for distributors and retailers

Trade Promotion Management:

planning and management of trade promotion activities

Online Distribution:

distributors management system for reporting and sharing of data


modern solution allowing for personal contact with mobile application user

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